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Before we start

Autonomy is an online car title loan provider.

More than a service


To develop a website for a modern online financial service. To highlight the benefits of the service and to come up with an easy-to-use interface. To create a modern and friendly brand image for successful client communication.


We’ve designed an explicit calculator of things. On the first page user is offered to drag the point to the right: the closer it gets to the words «Money is here», the more there are desirable items that clients would be able to purchase if they use the service.

Website Awards
Webite of the day,
СSS Design Awards, 2019
Site of the day,
Awwwards, 2019
Developer award,
Awwwards, 2019
Best Home/Welcome Page,
The Webby Awards, 2020

In order to fully shape the image of the company we have created corporate identity of the brand. We’ve designed an adaptable logo: the symbol may be used separately from the text part depending on the medium.

Branding, website design&development, personal account area for clients and mobile app design.

The objects implemented in 3D

For the calculator of things on the first page we’ve created 3d models of the items in Blender and got photorealistic 2D images after rendering them. To imitate physical motion and to add a nice interactive element we’ve turned to Matter.js — a collection of high-quality solutions for animations.

The website is designed in clear pastel tones and neat brutal style with a fresh splash of lemon yellow.

Application form

Document delivery is broken down into short and easy steps. It starts with filling in the form on the main page in order to proceed to the next stage. The complex process in the personal account area is reduced to five steps, after completing all of them there’s just waiting for the application to be accepted.

GIF бегущей строки
Expectations whet the appetite

The preloader adds to how comfortable it is to use the site: it tells that everything is working fine and the site is loading. To make the impression even better the preloader is animated with alternating currency symbols designed according to the brand’s style.

GIF логотипа
GIF apply
Three-step process

We’ve designed the service in such a way that for users to get the service they need to do only three things: signing up, filling out the application form and choosing how they’d like to receive the money. They don’t even need to leave their house to get it all done.

To each their own path

The key part of the service — personal account area — is adapted for users of different status for the sake of comfortable user experience. For instance, editing profile of a new user and of a client with an open loan differ from one another as they are on the different stages of deal conclusion. Desktop and mobile versions were designed separately from one another. Here we have designed 59 final screens.

Apart from the main calculator, we’ve created a fascinating slider that generates 3D objects and demonstrates the things you can get using the service.

Simple and clear

On the main page clients are offered to choose the desired sum and payout period. In order to do this they just need to set the thumb of the slider to the value they need. The sum and period limits are there on each end of the slider from the beginning.

Mobile app

We continued collaborating with the client to design and develop an app for Android and iOS. For a great use case we opted for presenting the information full-screen and broke the application form into nine small steps. There is a quick access to the key functions: data editing and payments.

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