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Sally is a New York-based company offering for-hire vehicles to taxi drivers. We’ve created a website where users feel like they are in the drivers’s seat.

An eCommerce site for Lincor watches, the best eCommerce according to the Red Dot Award. We’ve thought through a user-friendly purchasing process, highlighted the product through design and carried out photoshoots for the lookbook.

Autonomy is an online car title loan provider. We’ve created a modern and friendly branding, highlighting the benefits of the service with an easy-to-use interface and an explicit calculator of things right on the homepage.

Mogney is a QR code payment service. We’ve showcased the service on one page presenting its simplicity and transparency through an interactive curtain.

Squilla is a fund whose aim is to help in making sensible ICO investments. We’ve created a metaphor explaining the essence of the service.

Medisorb produces pharmaceuticals, collaborates with pharmacies and covers the news of the field. We have created a clear website that is easy-to-use by the representatives of all the customer segments.

An amusement park with extreme rides. We’ve came up the name and designed the bright image by presenting the rides through emotions and interactions.

A service that creates a practical infrastructure for EV drivers. We have designed a visual image of the product and presented it to the company is clients.

A conference by Awwwards — a high-profile web design award. We’ve created a bright&advanced site for the leaders of digital society

A p2p online lending service. We’ve created an image of a trustworthy company and told about the convenience of the system.

Drinking water provider. We’ve spectacularly presented the convenience of the new service and the value of pure water.

The company designs exclusive interiors and brings them to life. We’ve created a technologically advanced site for the leaders in the sector.

An investment company from Silicon Valley (CA). We created a website that reflects company’s principles and causes emotions.

Barcelona Reality Group is a real estate agency providing a full-service package of byuing real estate property and moving to Spain.

Transporting a huge variety of cargos across Europe. Website helped to create the right image and to tell about company’s expertise.

Veterinary products distributor and developer. We created the image of a progressive medical company through the innovative website.

Large manufacturer of paint and coatings products for cars. We created simple and laconic website for Germany’s company.

Premium brand of high-quality beef that makes people rethink about what they eat. It’s not only the sign of the highest quality but the way you eat meat.